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Mass Gainer Stack

Goal: Weight Gain & Muscle Size

What is the Mass Gainer Stack?

The Basics. "Mass" is the term all lifters strive to reach in their own way. You’re going to need a caloric surplus, which Animal Meal and Animal Whey delivers. Animal Juiced Aminos will enhance your recovery and assist in rebuilding your muscles bac

Can I take the Mass Gainer Stack daily?

Cycle Span. Yes. Animal Stak is the only product in this stack that should be cycled as three weeks on and one week off. Animal Meal/Whey and Juiced Aminos can be taken daily. If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at inf

How do I decide if I need Animal Whey or Animal Meal?

Animal Whey vs. Animal Meal. Animal Whey is a fast-digesting whey protein that can be taken immediately post workout; Animal Meal is a 500-calorie per serving meal replacement. You should choose which one to take based on your goals and the needs tha