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How do I use Animal Omega?

How to Use. Use Animal Omega as you would your regular essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement. Take one pack of Animal Omega at a time with a meal. You may take up to two daily as needed. If you have further questions please reach out to our support s

What is Animal Omega, and how does it differ from other essential fatty acid supplements on the market?

Animal Omega is a full-spectrum essential fatty acid supplement designed for athletes. The updated formula stands out with higher concentrations of key EFAs such as EPA and DHA, providing more comprehensive support for cardiovascular and joint health

How has the formula been improved, and what are the key changes?

The new and improved Animal Omega formula boasts more concentrated and efficacious dosages of essential fatty acids (EFA) and other beneficial compounds. Notably, it now contains over 2 times the essential EPA and DHA compared to the previous version

Why does Animal Omega include a diverse range of sources for essential fatty acids (EFAs), and how is this beneficial?

The inclusion of a diverse range of sources for EFAs in Animal Omega is strategic for several reasons. Different sources provide various types of essential fatty acids, each with unique health benefits. This diversity ensures a comprehensive spectrum

What does “Enteric Coated” mean?

"Enteric coated" refers to a specialized coating applied to the fish oil softgels in Animal Omega. This coating is designed to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach and ensure the softgel passes through to the intestines before dissolving.

What types of essential fatty acids are included in Animal Omega, and how do they contribute to overall health?

Animal Omega offers a comprehensive blend of 5 different types of EFAs, including EPA and DHA for heart, mood, and joint health; CLA for body weight management and immune function; ALA for skin health, memory, and nerve function; and GLA for joint an

What are the benefits of taking Animal Omega?

Animal Omega provides a broad array of health benefits. It supports cardiovascular and joint health, boosts immunity, enhances metabolism, and contributes to a healthy inflammatory response. The supplement may also aid in maintaining healthy triglyce