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Can I take Animal Cuts Non-Stim in the evening?

Evening Consumption. Yes. Unlike a typical stimulant or caffeine-based fat burner, Animal Cuts Non-Stim is stim-free and does not contain any added caffeine. This means that it can be taken in the evening. If you have further questions please reach o

What are the key differences between Animal Cuts Non-Stim and Cuts Powder?

Cuts Powder vs. Cuts Non-Stim. The big difference is that Animal Cuts Non-Stim contains no caffeine. Animal Cuts Non-Stim contains a blend of Theacrine and DMAE to provide “clean,” smooth mental energy, and focus. This is beneficial if you’re sensiti

Does Animal Cuts Non-Stim contain any calories?

Calories. Animal Cuts Non-Stim does not contain any calories. If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at [email protected] or send a contact request here.

Can I take a pre-workout with Animal Cuts Non-Stim?

Stacking with Pre-Workouts. Yes, you can take a pre-workout when taking Animal Cuts Non-Stim because this is a caffeine-free product. We recommend stacking it with Animal Fury or Animal Pump. This will allow you to get the most out of your strength t

What stacks best with Animal Cuts Non-Stim?

Stacking. Animal Cuts Non-Stim can be stacked with any of our foundational Animal products such as Animal Pak, Animal Omega, Animal Immune, Animal Flex, Animal Greens, and Animal PM. We, do not, however, recommend stacking Animal Cuts Non-Stim with a

How long is one cycle of Animal Cuts Non-Stim?

Cycling. Animal Cuts Non-Stim Powder follows 3 weeks on and 1 week off cycle. Following that regimen, it can then be used for as long as you are performing your cutting cycle. If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at inf

Can I take Animal Cuts Non-Stim as a pre-workout?

Pre-workout. Yes. You can use Animal Cuts Non-Stim as a pre-workout. Keep in mind that there is no caffeine in this product. And while Animal Cuts Non-Stim is great for a pre-cardio workout, we recommend a pre-workout specific product such as Animal