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Animal Pak Percent Daily Value

Why did some of the Percent Daily Values (%DV) change on your Animal Pak label but the mg amounts stayed the same?. In 2020, the FDA made it mandatory for companies to update their supplement facts and nutrition facts labels in order to reflect their

What updates did you make to this new Animal Pak formula?

New Animal Pak Formula. The new Animal Pak formula, updated in 2020, is now loaded with even more vitamin D (2000IU) to support your immune, skeletal, and nervous systems. We added 120 mcg of vitamin K for heart and circulation support, and increased

Why did you update the Animal Pak formula?

The Why. Good companies have good products, but great companies are always looking to make them even greater. Resting on your laurels is no way to stay on top and a surefire way to fall behind. We created Animal Pak in 1983 and improved upon it multi

What is Animal Pak?

Animal Pak - More than a multivitamin. Animal Pak is a complete multivitamin with minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, immune system support, liver support, and many more added benefits. It is more than just a multivitamin. Highlights. Details. If yo