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What updates did you make to this new Animal Pak formula?Updated 8 months ago

New Animal Pak Formula

The new Animal Pak formula, updated in 2020, is now loaded with even more vitamin D (2000IU) to support your immune, skeletal, and nervous systems. We added 120 mcg of vitamin K for heart and circulation support, and increased methylcobalamin (B12) to give you a nice jolt of natural energy, as well as a potential increase in red blood cell production to enhance performance.

On top of this, we’ve added a newly formulated Liver Support Complex that consists of beet root, turmeric root, and more. Animal Pak will have your liver running at optimal levels so that it can help detoxify your body while you continue training at maximum performance.

We also want you focused, energized, and optimized for training and carrying out your daily tasks. That’s why our Focus Complex—with no more than 10 mg of naturally occurring caffeine—includes ingredients such as L-tyrosine, glucuronolactone, and green tea and coffee bean extract. 

Last but not least, we added Bioperine® and ginger root to our already powerful Digestive Enzyme Complex to further enhance digestion and absorption of this powerful formula.


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