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Order Issues

FAQs on common order issues.

My tracking number says that my order has been delivered, but I am not able to locate it. What should I do?

Delivered Package. We’re sorry to hear this! Our shipping carriers work independently from Animal to deliver your shipment, but we can resolve this together!. If your shipment status reads “delivered” and it's only been a day, we recommend that you s

Why can't I track my order?

Order Tracking. With every order that is shipped we send a tracking notification email to the email used for the order. Be sure to view your junk folder in case the email was sent there instead of your regular inbox. If you have an account with us yo

My tracking number hasn't updated in over a week. What do I do?

Order Tracking. There can be various reasons as to why your tracking order hasn't update. USPS & UPS recommend if after 14 days of your mailing date have passed to please contact USPS or UPS customer support. We also recommend visiting your local USP

I received an incorrect order. What do I do?

Received Incorrect Order. If you have received a package from us in error, immediately contact our customer service team so we can get this resolved for you. Please call us at 1-800-872-0101 and dial 1 for our customer service line or send us an emai

Items in my order are damaged. What do I do?

Damaged Items. Any damaged items received from an order must be reported within 30 days of receipt of shipment. You can submit a return form here and we will gladly either refund, provide you store credit, or exchange the item for you. Once you have

What do I do if an item is missing from my order?

Missing Item. If you are missing an item from your order it must be reported to us within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Once you have contacted us we will then investigate the missing item from your order with our shipping department. If we notice

My order has been processing for over 48hrs. What should I do?

Over 48hrs. If your order has been processing for over 48hrs it could be for various reasons. One common reason could be, if you ordered after 5:30pm EST on our website, your order most likely won't ship until Monday. We do not operate on the weekend

My package says delivered but, the delivered location doesn't match my shipping address. What now?

Wrong Address. We will need to verify if the mistake was in our system or in the carriers system. Please have your order number, name, and correct shipping address in the body of your message when contacting us. If you have further questions please r