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Animal Elite Subscription Program

FAQs about the Animal Elite Subscription Program.

What products are available for subscriptions?

Product Subscriptions

How do I start a product subscription?

Product Subscriptions. Simply go to the product page and for each supplement there will be options for one-time purchase or regular delivery showing your discount. Select your size and flavor options, your delivery frequency, and then go to checkout.

Can I use a discount code?

Discount Codes

What about Military and First Responders discounts?

Military & First Responders

What type of frequency should I choose?

Auto-Delivery Frequency. To begin, you can select either a 4 and 6 week delivery schedule. Once your subscription is active, you can customize that schedule based upon your product size selection and usage. Because your training cycles may vary, alwa

How do I change the frequency of my delivery schedule?

Changing Delivery Date Tutorial. If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at [email protected] or send a contact request here.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Pausing & Canceling. You are never locked in and can cancel at any time, it can be paused, cancelled or the delivery date can be adjusted to a later time. Simply go to the your account on the page and select "Subscription" then you can

What is your policy on shipping costs?

Shipping Costs. Free shipping is provided for all subscriptions. Note that you can manage your refill dates, and so if you have subscribed to more than one product, we recommend you synchronize your delivery dates to simplify your deliveries. Checkou

How do I edit my subscription?

Editing Subscription. You can edit your subscription under your account on the website. In order to do so, you must be logged in. Once you have logged in, visit your account. Under your account, the tab called "Subscriptions" will be th

How do I add a new product subscription alongside my current subscription?

New & Current Subscriptions. If you have a current subscription and would like to add a new subscription in your account, you must first log onto your Animal account. Click the "Subscriptions" tab. Below that there will be an additional "Subscription