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What is the Caffeine-Free Training Stack?Updated 8 months ago

The Basics

Everyone—from the average gym-goer to the most dedicated athlete—has inquired at some point about a "pre-workout." Our Caffeine-Free Training Stack offers many of the benefits of any pre-workout but without the unwanted side effects of caffeine. By including EAAs, you're promoting an effective recovery process leading into your training. Both products are offered in a variety of great tasting powders.


  • Animal Pump Pro, formulated by Animal athlete and IFBB Pro John Jewett, is an effectively dosed formula to maximize performance, focus, and pump.
  • Animal Juiced Aminos is loaded with 6 g of a full spectrum of EAAs and BCAAs per serving, mixes well, and is easily digested.

How do I use it?

  • Animal Juiced Aminos – Mix in 10 oz of your beverage of choice before, during, or after the workout. For best results, consume at least 2 servings per day.
  • Animal Pump Pro – For best results, mix 1 serving with 20 oz or more of fluid and take 20-30 minutes prior to your training.

You can check out and purchase this stack by clicking here.


If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at [email protected] or send a contact request here.

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