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Do your products comply with this competition's banned substance list?Updated 8 months ago

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Considering the vast number of competitions that are held, many with different substance lists, it would be difficult to narrow down which ingredient in our products comply with your competition. Our product ingredients are legal under U.S. law. To keep things simple, we ask that you cross-reference our products’ ingredients listed on our website,, to the list of your competition. The safest way to ensure your compliance is to contact your sanctioning authority (whoever is hosting the event and conducting the drug testing) and provide them with the label ingredients. Unfortunately, with lists constantly changing, we cannot answer this question definitively, but we can guarantee that the contents of our products stay consistent. If you bought a product from us that you cannot use because of your competition, we will back it up with our IronClad Guarantee.


If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at [email protected] or send a contact request here.

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