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Can I take Animal Cuts or Animal Cuts Powder with Pre-workouts?Updated 8 months ago

Cuts & Pre-workout

If you are taking Animal Cuts, you may also take a pre-workout if you remove the red pill (stimulant complex) from the pill pack. Since there is no way to remove the stimulant in Animal Cuts Powder, we do not recommend consuming your pre-workout while taking the powder version.

Animal Cuts or Animal Cuts Powder can be taken with non-stimulant based pre-workout supplements such as Animal Pump Pro or Animal Pump (after removing the red pill from Animal Pump). We also recommend that you avoid consuming coffee when taking either Animal Cuts or Animal Cuts Powder. 

Due to its stimulant properties, you can use Animal Cuts or Animal Cuts Powder as a pre-workout, but we do not recommend stacking them with a pre-workout.


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