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Animal Help Center RulesUpdated 6 months ago

These rules are a reflection of the Animal brand and will be enforced as needed. If any of these rules are violated you could be subjected to getting banned from utilizing our community section. If you have further questions please contact our customer service team here.



Leave Your Ego At The Door...
It's not our place to judge. Live and let live. We don't need the egos or the attitudes. In here, we expect humility and respect... We expect an atmosphere of support and positivity
A Few Words on Intolerance...
Let this ring loud and clear... We will not tolerate hate, bigotry, sexism, racism, or discrimination. We will not take personal attacks, threats, or insults lightly.
On Talking Shit & Airing Dirty Laundry
Don't talk shit. Nobody wants to see that. This ain't elementary school. If you have to, take it to PMs and resolve it peacefully, mano a mano. Under no circumstances will we tolerate it.
Trolls & Spammers
Trolling and spamming are two behaviors that we will not accept. This community doesn't exist so that you can promote an enterprise, event, business, non-profit or whatever.
Expressing Yourself
Here, there are only two ways to express yourself. First and foremost, through well-reasoned and informed posts. It's not for you to promote your personal "agenda" whatever that might be.
Taking Up Space
We wanna run this community lean and mean. Translation? No fluff. No bullshit. This means no stupid, off topic pictures, irrelevant posts, inappropriate graphics, or attachments.
Off Topics & Off Limits
This is a place to unify, come together, learn and to grow as a community. There are divisive issues in this world, no doubt about that, many of us have very strong opinions, stick to the iron topics
Conflicts of Interest
This is a group run by the brothers and sisters at We do not want to see the promotion of our competitors or their products. You can talk about supplements generally however (no brand names).
Be Above The Fray
Animal is about showing respect and humility. We are ambassadors of this great sport and we are role models. We do not want to become a negative bodybuilding stereotype.


If you have further questions please reach out to our support staff at [email protected] or send a contact request here.

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